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Stinger 5100

  • From the air pressure sensor to the independent load-bearing table, the design of the Stinger is completely for the workshop.

    After assembling the flame mode, the Stinger can cut to thicknesses from 0.5mm to 200mm and only needs a button to switch the mode.

    One machine is enough! And it is completely plug-and-play, shipped fully assembled. The setup process has been streamlined and enables you to start working right away. You are only required to provide on-site supply of air, power, water.

    • Starfire operating system (SF-2100S)
    • Leisai 57 Hybrid servo motor + HBS57 driver, single motor dual drive
    • HYD Auto Height Control + pneumatic THC
    • Water table, independent design
    • Libellula software
    • Optical axis guide and V-wheel, synchronous transmission on both sides
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